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We recently engaged with Hélmut, the hair salon inspiring international fashion in the craft of Auckland’s top talent. Hélmut believes hair styling and treatment is an art form and this is obvious in their undeniably stunning portfolio. This little secret won’t be a secret for much longer…




March, 2020




Lead Generation


— The Challenge

Challenge & Solution

Hélmut needed a digital partner that would help them streamline, automate and optimise their sales and marketing process. Holla created a competitive digital strategy to be deployed across their key digital channels in alignment with their chosen CRM.

Holla first conducted a strategy workshop, the goal of the workshop was to help Hélmut’s business owners and stakeholders identify and establish a brand that best reflects their vision and values. This exercise also helped establish a brand image that best connects and resonates with their target market. Through this collaboration Holla was tooled with the insights needed to create an individualised brand marketing plan based on Hélmut’s vision.

Out of the strategy, we created a forecast based on past results achieved across multiple platforms by their competitors and other players in the industry over the past year. This forecast is formulated with high level skills, tools and software essential to determine expected cost per conversion, monthly goals and ROI each month.

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