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If you didn’t already know, the Apple iOS 14 changes are about to drastically change the way marketers can advertise on social media. 

Going forward, when installing a new App mobile users will have to opt-in for tracking or granting access to their data. The important thing to understand is that the default in iOS 14 will be for tracking to be disallowed. A user will have to click a button ‘Allow Tracking’ for tracking to work. 

Think about how many people, when faced with the privacy alert, will opt-in to being tracked?’. The short answer is – not very many, and this is a major concern for both Facebook and advertisers.

What does this mean?

Yes, there will be a dramatic shift in how marketers can target their audiences. Without capturing the information of app users we cannot reach specific audiences in a cost effective way. Smaller businesses will be most affected in terms of advertising, as their target audiences are usually refined and depend on the detailed targeting we use to define an audience by including or excluding demographics, interests and behaviors. 

Larger advertisers will also be impacted, but they typically have larger budgets and are more used to spending their marketing dollars in ways that are less precise and trackable in general.

Facebook calls out Apple.

As far as Facebook is concerned, these changes are less about privacy and more about “pushing businesses into a business model that benefits Apple’s bottom line”. Specifically Facebook contends that if content creators experience falling revenue from ads, they will be forced to make money through subscriptions or in-app purchases. Both areas where Apple get a percentage of revenue ranging between 15% to 30%. Facebook also points out that Apple’s own advertising business is exempt from the new prompt requirement and will therefore have a competitive edge in attracting advertising revenue.

“The greatest impact will be felt by the most vulnerable businesses, rather than the big brands with deep pockets”

Apple, naturally, has taken a different approach and claims they are “standing up for their users” and that “users should know when their data is being collected and shared … and they should have the choice to allow that or not.”

BUT who hasn’t purchased off an ad that popped up on their feed. I shamefully admit to buying an unnecessary amount of beauty products and clothes off Facebook and Instagram, they always seem to know exactly what I want! Facebook’s goal is to deliver the best user experience. Facebook favours ads that engage with their target audience. If an ad isn’t getting hits then the ad will cost more to run, which means it will be shown less… Think about if you were to advertise the local butcher to vegans, it’s not going to fly. 

This change hinders the value, us digital marketers can deliver. Many ads will appear to irrelevant audiences. In addition, content providers who rely on Facebook ads for generating revenue will suffer if the advertising they host struggles to perform.

Moving forward.

Now more than ever your database is GOLD. If you are not capturing and tracking your website visitors you are losing out on significant opportunity. There are many other ways, other than paid social targeting to direct new leads to your website. 

  • Earned media! Comes in the form of a customer post about “the best brunch ever!” at a restaurant that got several likes and comments. When the friends of that advocate curiously checkout the website, grab onto them! You are more likely to win a new customer when the recommendation has come from a trusted source. 
  • Search engine marketing. When someone is browsing for a new hairdresser on Google and finds your website they are a self qualified lead. Now is your chance to remarket to them on social media with your latest deals and point of difference, convince them to choose you over your competitors. 
  • Email marketing. It can cost five times more to attract a new customer, than it does to retain an existing one. Schedule an automated email to send 6 weeks after your customers last salon visit. Boom.

Success in digital advertising is about embracing constant change. The challenge as always is to find the mix of channels which will most effectively allow you to take your message to your perfect audience. As always, it’s time to look at where you spend your marketing money.

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